Media Credentials

January 31st – Feb 1st

Media credential requests will be processed in the order that they are received. Once processed, and APPROVED you will receive an e-mail with pick-up instructions.

Application Deadline: January 20, 2020.


*Requester must be employed by the media outlet requesting credentials. Requests submitted by freelancers will be verified with media outlets.


* All Journalists must be on assignment from a media organization
* Print publications must have an audited circulation of at least 25,000
* Digital outlets must have a minimum traffic of 50,000 monthly visitors
* Electronic Media (Radio/TV) must have an entertainment format/segment in order to be considered
* Photographers must be on assignment from a publication that meets the publication requirements listed above.
* All photographers applying to cover The VEWTOPIA Music Festival are required to use professional photography equipment (NO CELL PHONES).


* You will be notified of your APPROVAL or DECLINE by January 25, 2020
* Submitting this form does not guarantee APPROVAL
* Media credentials do not guarantee backstage access, unless otherwise specified.

Credential Request Form

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  • Media Outlet Information

  • Circulation/Site Traffic
  • Media Credentials

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  • Reporter/Correspondent
  • On-Site Contact Number

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